Life surprises us in many ways and, although we cannot predict the course of situations, we can learn to respond to them in a more focused and balanced way.

Psychotherapy is the way to go to the roots of the problems that are happening in your life.


Common situations people bring to me:

  • I feel lonely!

  • I am feeling that there is something wrong with my marriage but I cannot get out of it.

  • I do not have a good relationship with my parents. 

  • I've ended a relationship but it still gets me into trouble.

  • I've been anxious my whole life. I don't know myself without this mental agitation.

  • I never took care of my emotions and I see that now I need to change this attitude.

When you reach the courage to do something about it, psychotherapy is the way to access this situation, its emotional roots, transform it, so that you live a better live, greater than what you are experiencing today.


My approach merges Psychotherapy sessions with body perceptions exercises.

Your physical health is directly connected to your emotional health. For good and for bad. 

If you are unstable, anxious, depressed, stressed and so on, your body will develop a disease.

On the other hand, you can use your body as a radar and as a way to transform your emotions and stabilize them. Below, I provide a few exercises to give you as an example.


There are also some moments in life that your emotional state is challenged. 

  • Loss of a job

  • End of a relevant relationship

  • Loss of a beloved person

You can choose to go through it by yourself or with friends, but with professional mentoring, your outcome will be better and faster. 

Or you want to get emotionally prepared for a new challenge : 

  • Carrer transition plans

  • Near marriage

  • Arrival of the first son

If you do that, all those great plans can occur in a smoother and more successful way.

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